Site Management Organization

Klintelligen being pioneer in Site Management Organization provides quality service to CROs and other medical sectors for conducting clinical research studies from beginning to the end. As a Site Management Organization we coordinate with you to organize, conduct and complete successful Clinical trials.

Site Feasibility

Klintelligen works towards fast turnaround time and thus cut down the probability of delayed schedules. We serve all therapeutic segments and renders support to CROs and medical sponsors for the investigations without delay. The rationalized process is been followed to bring effective site management services.

We works towards,

Investigator & Site interest

Patient population to determine capacity and speed of enrolment

Possible confounding factors in patient recruitment

Availability of referral networks

Track Investigator experience

Successful patient recruitment

Assessment of enrolment and retention in similar studies

Availability of qualified site personnel

Monitors the availability of facilities required for trials

Impact of study procedures on Standard of Care

Additional sponsor requirements

Project Management

The Clinical trial management projects are administered with our standard approach. A troop of proficient members dedicatedly strives to efficiently manage the process throughout the clinical practices.

Our services include,

Study start-up

Investigator site selection

Project Milestones Planning

Organizing Investigator meetings

Investigator personnel training

Provide input in essential trial documents

Facilitate study activities

Monitor budgets and associated financial procedures

Management of clinical trial supplies

Monitor the study throughput the process

Clinical Trial Monitoring

The clinical trials are effectively conducted, recorded and reported based on the requirements. The trials are ethnically monitored delivering accurate and legible data. We deliver the excellence with complete control over the clinical trials keeping intact of the quality.

Our services include,

Investigator Identification

Site Qualification Visits

Key Personal Trainer

Planning Investigator Meetings

Site Initiation Visits

Site Staff GCP and Protocol Training

Interim Monitoring Visits

Blinded and unblinded IP Accountability

Study Termination Visits

Coordinator Appointment

Klintelligen operates with the proficient clinical coordinators for each clinical trial. We provide excellent support system for the investigators and clinical staffs. The standard methodology is followed ensured to follow the strict guidelines. Klintelligen has highly experienced study coordinators. This unique resource helps you to overcome the many challenges of recruiting in trials.

Our services include,

Executing successful patient recruitment on time and on budget

Working through local ethics and regulatory approval processes

Ensuring that we meet cultural and language demands of working in diverse parts of the world

Data Management

Klintelligen maintains high standard in data management system with the assured GCP. From the start to the end, every aspect of the process is streamlined and kept in track. The support system is enabled for the customer to achieve the end result.

Our services include,

Case Report Form and Database design

CRF review

Data validation plan (DVP)

Edit check Procedures

Data management plan (DMP) design

Quality control of database

Query management system

SAE data reconciliation

External data administration and integration

Database freezing and locking

Healthcare Research and Analytics

Building and Maintenance of Clinical Trial Data Repository based on

Healthcare Research and Analytics services include

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics to excavate the accurate and required data from the widen web area. The valuable data enhances the patient care facility, monitors and maintains the patient’s database, improvise the service quality, provide transparent service and guides in decision making. Torqeyeanalytics Health Care

Therapeutic Area

Trial Site at any Global Location

Principal Investigator

Medico Legal Cases

IPR of Drug Molecule

Clinical Research Courses